Top Notch Music Project Support: Collaboration/ Promo Work for Music Artists

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As a Music Analyst and Talent Scout/ Marketing Assistant for Top Notch Music, I’ve been working on campaigns and content posting for our instagram page @topnotchmusicinc.
I have gotten a great following and great feedback from our followers so far that we have a number of potential clients interested in our services. Top Notch Music provides a wide array of services that will help to not only further promote your music bringing your numbers up, but also broaden your connections in the music industry.
Top Notch Music has client relations with stations & labels such as iHeartRadio, Universal Music, Def Jam, Capital Records, etc. while also specializing in distribution with connections to various retailers such as Google Play, Starbucks, Youtube, Spotify, etc.
If you are an artist looking for more exposure through radio airplay and/or online streaming for current projects, or simply looking to build brand equity, feel free to leave a comment to get connected. Top Notch breaks artists, and we’re here to do just that.

Check out our website for more info.
Feel free to check out the IG page: @topnotchmusicinc and our magazine site @theurbaninfluencer for more juice on the LA urban music scene.


Netflix Movie: Dolemite Is My Name (2019)


Just finished watching the Netflix Movie, Dolemite Is My Name (2019)– which I found was informative, entertaining, and inspiring. The movie is based off a real story from an American actor Rudy Ray Moore, a black entertainer known for his hit movie Dolemite originally released in 1975.

81EisQxyJCL._SY355_.jpgThe Netflix Movie, Dolemite Is My Name, is a biopic of Dolemite played by Eddie Murphy, showcasing the personal struggle Rudy experienced as an aspiring entertainer. He started off performing comedy at clubs and bars, later growing a strong desire to release his own film. Even though he faced constant doubt and rejection from low to high level people, he kept steadfast in his belief of making his movie a hit. With the right people behind him and the right amount of passion and perseverance, he laughed all the way to the bank.. grossing about $10 million in the box office making his movie number one hit of the year. Despite the number of times he was rejected by huge production labels, he managed to make his movie a success. Regardless of the hate, he remained true to himself and his vision. Though this may have been decades ago in the 70’s, I don’t see how any different it could be decades later… The movie touched upon racy subjects such was blaxploitation that remains heavily prevalent the entertainment industry today. I found that 70’s were no different than today. Part of the reason the movie was first rejected by the big industry people was because of its vulgarity and crudeness. However, based off the peoples’ reactions and attraction the movie, producers had no real choice but to take part. They needed to give what the people wanted. Much the same way twerking and nudity permeates social media today, which needless to say may not always be a matter of ethics but what gets people to come back.. Movie was definitely thought-provoking both theoretically and personally as an artist myself.. If ya’ll have Netflix, I reommend ya’ll giving it a shot. You’ll definitely get a kick out of it as I did.

♫ “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)” by Maxwell ♫

Discovered this song when it played at work the other day. The best part of being an aspiring artist is researching & discovering great songs such as this. I stumble across other similar yet-to-be discovered songs thanks to Spotify and get to play them in the restaurant at work while customers listen as they enjoy both their food and the music. Plan for my future music to incorporate the elements of jazz, soul, and blues. Nothing else truly hits home for me like it does. This one definitely makes it on my playlist, and hopefully in my demo list — which I plan to announce soon.


♫ So shouldn’t I realize
You’re the highest of the high
If you don’t know, then I’ll say it
So don’t ever wonder (don’t ever wonder) ♫

Song Title/ Artist: "Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)" by Maxwell
Album Title: Urban Hang Suite
Release Date: 1996 
Record Label: Columbia Records

Winner of Netflix Series Rhythm & Flow Announced: D. Smoke


Been following the Netflix Series Rhythm & Flow, which I had touched upon my other post. It’s incredible how much hidden talent there are waiting to be discovered. One of the many is the one and only D Smoke, representing West Coast Inglewood, California and was crowed the winner of Rhythm & Flow. This means he sealed a whopping $100,000 and secured a spot on Spotify’s Rap Caviar. After researching his background (of course), D. Smoke’s real name is Daniel Farris. He is a graduate of UCLA and a teacher at his alumni high school Inglewood High. His EP Inglewood High discusses his personal experience as a teacher and his experience living in an area destitute such as Inglewood. It’s amazing to hear him express himself through his artistry to see what he truly is about as an artist. I root for him because to me, he is a true artist. He is original, raw, and real — elements I hope to emulate in my own art as an aspiring vocalist. Not only was he well prepared but well intentioned in his approaching of stealing the show. He raps, plays piano, is bi-lingual, and most importantly ‘woke’ and educated apparent in the way he crafts and delivers his material. He is about something, serving music with substance and weight. Check out his EP available on Spotify and all platforms. Check out his finale on Rhythm & Flow that got him first place. Promise he won’t disappointment.

2019 KJazz Pledge Drive Restaurant Shout Outs

Our 2019 KJazz Pledge Driving is coming up and I had the spent the last month, with my colleague, reaching out to fellow cafes/ restaurant looking to support KJazz 88.1FM Radio Station. In exchange for donating a minimum of 5 gift cards with $25 each gift card, each cafe will be mentioned on air throughout the pledge drive. As a mutual exchange, this will not only help KJazz raise funds but also drive up business for cafes as our listeners love to help support businesses affiliated with KJazz. We have the pleasure of have multiple restaurants who are willing to participate to help make our Pledge Drive event possible for our listeners. The restaurants are located in the Los Angeles area including: Mid City, Pasadena, and West Hollywood. I would like to take the time to shout them out as I would love for ya’ll to check them out. Their menu’s, which comprise of great savory, delicious items, can be found on their site which I have listed below as well.

For a sustaining donation of $5 per month or $60 for the year, you’ll receive a limited $25 gift certificate for the following restaurants below.

If you are in the LA area and are interested in donating.. on the day of the drive (from 10.30 – 11.2), please call 1-800-767-3688 for your very own gift card for the following restaurants:

  1. Taste on MelroseWest Hollywood
    http://www.ilovetaste.comTaste on Melroseis a neighborhood favorite for stylish Angelinos with a preference for elegant surroundings and a comforting, laid-back dining experience. Taste on Melrose is catered for farmer’s market- influenced contemporary American comfort food. Popular dishes include White Truffle Mac and cheese, Crispy Chicken Parmesan, and Caramelized Cumin Spiced Pork Chop. Taste on Melrose uses all natural meats such as Mary’s Organic Chicken, Wagyu Beef, and fresh produce, organic when available. Taste on Melrose has Happy Hour Monday – Friday 3-7 pm Saturday & Sunday 4-7 pm.
  2. Toast BakeryWest Hollywood

    Toast Bakery Cafe
    offers ambitious takes on American breakfast-&-brunch fare & a trendy outdoor scene. The restaurant has an open air seating and has a casual, but elegant ambience with an old-style Italian decor. Toast Bakery Cafe serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and pastries. Popular dishes include stuffed french toast, eggs benedict, and huevos rancheros.
  3. Coral Tree, West Hollywood
    Coral Tree is a healthy dining in a casual atmosphere, which includes both indoor and outdoor seating. At Coral Tree Café all of our coffees are certified organic, shade grown and fairly traded. These are important aspects to the sustainability of coffee that is better tasting and socially responsible. This reflects Coral Tree Café’s commitment to the delicate ecosystem, our customers’ health and fair trade practice.
  4. Le Pain QuotidienWest Hollywood
    https://www.lepainquotidien.comLe Pain Quotidien is a Belgian bakery and restaurant serving simple, wholesome and seasonal food. Their specialties feature handmade bread and pastries, artisanal loaves, kneaded by hand, and baked in stone lined hearths. Le Pain Quotidien has a large and naturally wholesome menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.Le Pain Quotidien believes food should be simple, nourishing and delicious. Le Pain Quotidien is an advocate for healthy eating, and will find many vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based options in their menu.
  5. Amara Chocolate & Coffee, Pasadena
    Amara Chocolate & Coffee is a cozy, warm spot for South American fare like arepas & churros plus sipping chocolate & coffee open for breakfast and lunch. Amara Chocolate & Coffee serve unique Venezuelan flavors including original gluten flavors & locally roasted coffee. They also serve Artisan handmade chocolate truffles -Velvety Venezuelan hot chocolate. Discover a journey of flavors to Madrid with our traditional Spanish style churros.
  6. Vees Cafe, Mid City

    Vees Cafe provides fresh dining with big smiles. Vee’s Cafe serves traditional American- style food for all day breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Vees Cafe is a
    cozy haunt offering organic coffee, cold-pressed juices & light cafe fare, from eggs to wraps. Their items include salads, acai, omelettes, and panini’s. Vees Cafe is a common place for locals and a go-to spot for a quick bite to enjoy a vamped up traditional American meal.
  7. Ingo’s Tasty Dinner, Santa Monica

    Ingo’s Tasty Diner celebrates the gift of jazz music and preserves the practice of local sourcing.  The Santa Monica restaurant features a sleek midcentury design with a full bar and an array of locally sourced farm to table dishes. Menu is simple and clean with chicken sandwiches, grass fed and vegetarian burgers, salads, and homemade potato chips. Ingo’s Tasty Diner offers its signature cocktails, including its famous greyhound, wine, and beer. Happy Hour is open until 7pm daily: half price on the entire library of spirits, signature house crafted cocktails, and select top shelf wines. 
    Ingo’s Tasty Diner plays live jazz from 10:00pm to 1:00 am and Sundays from 11:00am to 2:00pm.




Musical Recommendations For You: Gospel Music

Been exploring a number of genres lately to broaden my musical palette, including Gospel– which I think may be essential for any aspiring vocalist.. Anyhow, thought I share some gems with you that I discovered on the great wonder called Youtube. True music for me reaches the soul and you can most definitely feel that with this music. Some gospel artists I’ve recently discovered and have been inspired by are Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Clark Sisters, Donnie McClurkin, etc. Been reevaluating and rekindling my relationship with God as of lately, and have found him through the greatness of gospel music. Videos below for inspiration.