The singer, producer, and musician, Masego, was the first to coin the genre “TrapHouseJazz”. Originally born with birth name “Micah Davis”, Davis adopted the name “Masego”, which means ‘blessed’ in Setswana. With the delicate fusion of jazz, trap r&b, and funk music, Masego is always a pleasure to listen to. “Tadow” has got to be one of my favorite. After amassing millions of views on Youtube, the artist triggered a worldwide tour where he performed in places such as Florida. Another artist whose work reminds me of the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Look forward to more of his work. He is currently on tour and will be performing in United Kingdom this May. You can purchase his song here Tadow.


Quick PA..

KJazz, The World Stage, and Just Jazz are orchestrating a new production known as KJazz Mobile which will be an ongoing event of free concerts of musical acts performing on a moving vehicle, in public avenues such as local libraries and parks. This event is opened to the public, but is meant to cater to underserved communities, allowing them to not only simply enjoy the gift of music but most importantly, to also feel closer to their communities. I have written a newsletter, which will be published soon. I will definitely keep ya’ll posted on its release along with the release of KJazz January issue, which I had the pleasure of working on as well. Big things in the works. Will check back with ya’ll soon.

In the meanwhile, feel free to browse the KJazz site here for more information, KJazz 88.1FM the number one radio station for Jazz and Blues in America.

A strong female symbol within both the music industry and political realm, Miss Nina Simone left her mark as a legendary artist and political leader during the Civil Rights Movement. I would like to take a moment to dedicate this post to her, as she was one of the many who have me discover my love for music. You could read more about her biography here and buy her album here The Essential Nina Simone.

Soo, if ya’ll kept up ya’ll would know that the Grammy happened the other day.
To be quite frank, I am unsure how I feel about the Grammy’s overall as I believe it has changed tremendously over the years. I don’t think it is quite the same as it was years ago.. Of course, people have the right to their own opinion, but sometimes the pick of winners are somewhat controversial… but I won’t be getting into that today. This post is not meant to bash any of them, but rather I would simply like to celebrate the victory and successes of these winners who have put in the time and effort into their craft, particularly one artist. “Best Part” by Grammy winner H.E.R ft. Daniel Cesar is definitely one I and many others believe deserve the attention it received and is rightfully deserved. Congratulations to H.E.R., who’s original name is Gabi Wilson. She’s been in the music game since she was a little girl, performing Alicia Key’s No One on the Today Show at 10 years old. Below is the song that had everyone doing covers, and got H.E.R. her first grammy at the age of 21.

Here is the complete list of all 2019 Grammy Winners.


Ugh, always finding myself going back to Jessica Sanchez.
She’s truly gifted. Hands down my biggest musical inspiration as an aspiring singer.
To be quite frank, I stopped watching American Idols years after she lost this competition. I acknowledge that music is subjective and that good music is defined in many ways among others, but all I know is that when you hear a phenomenal voice you know, because it moves you unlike any other. It makes you feel something, it inspires you. and that’s what Sanchez did for me. She performs Falling after she was down to the bottom three until the judges used their only save on her. Though I absolutely loved all her performances, this was my favorite only because it shut up those who doubted her. Even in the face of all the doubt and negativity, she still triumphed. Though I could only wish I sound this good, she inspires me to continue striving. To face both my strengths and witnesses, and to me I believe that what an artist is about. It’s about the craft. Those who come out to the top, always always start from the bottom. and no matter what you, you fight for yourself and what you believe in.

Ms. Lauryn Hill, the educator, the fighter, the lover, the artist.
The Album The Miseducation of Miss Lauryn Hill, many may agree, is one heavy of soul touching blues of one’s life story. The album represents female empowerment and speaks to the reality that is often hidden by those who fabricated a false narrative to appeal to the status quo. It’s real and raw, resonating with who live by the truth. I appreciate Ms. Hill’s craft, but also her role as a leader who addresses the injustices of the world. She utilizes the gift of music as an instrument to help alleviate the fears and anxieties created by social issues that could leave individuals feeling burdened and overwhelmed. And as an individuals who always had a lingering curiosity of broken system, I hold Ms. Hill’s mission as an artist and musician to a high regard. I have a handful of favorites from this album including Ex- Factor and Killing Them Softly, to name a few. Hill is truly a blessing to this earth her musical craft, but also for her genuine desire to lending a helping hands for others.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

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