A Weekend Getaway: Hornblower Cruise

Ended the week with a small get away with my friend on the Hornblower Cruise in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles. The event was hosted by KJazz and there was live music and served with a delicious brunch. The wonderful guitarist played some great hits like Al Green “Stay Together” and Michael Buble. When we first arrived, my friend and I were greeted with a warm welcome and champagne. The cruise was a two hour ride along the coast of Marina Del Rey, with the view of the ocean and the gorgeous skyline of Marina Del Rey. Though it was a bit chilly, considering we are in the midst of Fall, the sun peaked out and basked us all in its sunlight out on the deck which kept us warm in spite of the ocean breeze and cold weather.  I had a wonderful time and great talk with my friend, who accompanied me, throughout the ride. It’s memories like this that keep me humble and grateful for all that I have and am working towards. Thought I would share some photos down below of our trip.


Hornblower Cruise, Top Deck



A Musical to Watch: Matilda at La Mirada Theater By Lorraine Bautista

The Musical, Matilda

It was an absolute joy to end the week by attending the Broadway musical, Matilda. On Saturday November 16th, I had the chance to watch one of the most entertaining and inspiring Broadway, Matilda, front row seats at La Mirada Theater. The show is about a gifted young girl named, Matilda, who is born to parents who show great disdain towards their own daughter. However, she uses her large intellect and her knack for an active imagination to navigate through at school and overcome trouble in her home life. Throughout her journey, she builds special relationships with the people around her as they find her light and passion for life both contagious and inspiring. The play includes a dynamic cast of characters, a series of wonderful music, and an admirable storyline that unites the youthful and kindred spirits of its audience. 

Audrey Cymone (center) plays the title role in “Matilda, the Musical” at La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts through Nov. 17. (Photo by Jason Niedle)

Because it has been ages since I have watched the original movie Matilda, I recall most of the scenes from the broadway musical being parallel to the original movie. In my own experience, Matilda brought back nostalgia that reminded me of my childhood memories and brought back that same sense of entertainment I experienced as a child when I first watched the movie. As a little girl, I remember growing a unique adoration and liking toward the character Matilda because I found some of her traits and experiences similar to mine such as in her love for reading and music. I had a great time during the performance and enjoyed the show as it was greatly reminiscent of my earliest childhood. It brought back a sense of ease and innocence that I, and many others who may agree, often lose touch of in the midst of the busyness and chaos that I call adulthood. And as others may agree, it is always a good thing when a certain movie, book, or show brings one back to a place that once felt like home to the individual. 

After Intermission
The Final Bow

As a music teacher for young children, I was most joyous about the children who displayed so much love, talent, and energy in their choreography and singing throughout the musical. The large child cast definitely added to the youthful atmosphere for the audience as told by the age demographics and reaction of the audience, making for great family entertainment. The actors also played polar characters which made for an even more interesting performance. I found that Matilda was filled with a little bit of everything including comedy, romance, and drama. Though I would love to share more about the show, I also wouldn’t want to give away any spoiler alerts. For those interested I would definitely recommend Matilda to someone looking for a pure entertainment and memorable time with family and friends.


Emerging Artist 2019: Cynthia Erivo

So as you may be following, you know one of my favorite videos to watch on youtube is Terrell’s Blue Wall. On the show, he brings artists from all over the country who are either brand new, veterans, or are emerging artists in the new culture. For this episode, he brought in Britain’s Cynthia Erivo– who is a vocal goddess! She started in theater singing broadway including the broadway revival of The Color Purple. She also plays the lead role in the new movie Harriet Tubman. She is both an incredible actor and vocalist, it only inspires me as an emerging artist myself. She’s truly a one-hit wonder! Check out her amazing video below. Movie Harriet Tubman in theaters now.

Summer Update & October KJazz Newsletter

Just released the KJazz Newsletters written and compiled by yours truly!

Although Fall season is in full fledge, I would still like to touch base on recent updates in our Summer agenda at KJazz. Summer was very much a success for KJazz as we managed to arrange several events which the public very much enjoyed. We’ve collaborated with other jazz organizations like World Stage and Just Jazz, and took part in the Branching Out Series with the LA Memorial High Park in Los Angeles. We also worked with LACMA to serve our listeners with live jazz music. Every one had a blast and it was quite a success for us. Feel free to check out our newsletter here, which I have had the pleasure of creating alongside my supervisor.

This past has been a matter of prepare for our Fall pledge drive coming the end of October/ early November. It is a four-day event, where will be giving our special prizes such as iPods, Classic CD’s, concert tickets, and cruise tickets for our listeners in exchange for donations and funds. We use these funds to provide for operational costs and to help sustain KJazz 88.1FM Radio Station. Our pledge drives make it possible for us to keep jazz music alive while also giving back to the community. The Fall pledge drive will also mark my first year anniversary with KJazz, with whom I feel blessed to be working for. I will definitely keep you posted on the event as it approach and update you along the way as the day comes.

In the meanwhile, feel free to catch up on our last monthly newsletter here and subscribe for more updates on events, music, and sweepstakes!

Class Update: Music Moves In Me

Music Moves In Me Birthday Party

Been such a blessing to have the opportunity to teach music to children. In the last few months, I have been teaching a weekly music class to children ranging from 3-7 years old. It’s amazing and fulfilling experience to witness such malleable, high energy (though restless) and curious minds at play. As a music teacher, I coordinate a weekly agenda oriented around both music and early childhood education. A typical class agenda would entail using instruments such as microphones, drums, portable piano, xylophone, hand bells, tambourines, etc. It brings me joy to see students be excited to recognize/ use the instruments and apply themselves in music by memorizing lyrics by heart and singing Do-Re-Mi. I also incorporate other activities such as story time, something in my box, freeze dance, Oompa Loompa basketball challenge, and more. Such activities are designed to activate their listening skills while also letting their wiggles out through physical activities as well.

Depending on the theme of the course, I also make sure to stay spontaneous in my classes by switching up and rotating activities so that the children stay engaged and aren’t bored by the same agenda. The best part of being a teacher is getting to know each child as every child is different. It’s not only about teaching them, but also learning from them I find is the most valuable asset of being a teacher. Every class I learn on the job and find their company, entertainment, and learning development the most rewarding of all. Again, so blessed to have been given the opportunity to make music more relevant and hopefully an outlet for kids who need it and may event carry it the rest of their lives. Pictures very very soon!