Lorraine A. Bautista • based in Los Angeles • writer first artist second
California State University, Long Beach alumni
B.A. in Sociology, Social Change & Global Issues
Music Teacher for Music Moves In Me
Promotions Intern for KJazz 88.1FM Radio Station 
Music Analyst for Topnotch Music
highsnlows offers a collection of all things art to both artists & aspiring artists
x enjoy your stay
Personal IG @_lorraineanneb
Singing IG @the.highsnlows
Youtube @lorraineanne

33 thoughts on “Bio

    1. Thank you! I currently don’t have a paid plan, but I do plan to purchase one soon. I think it varies across themes, but for my theme, to create the menu I simply created site pages for each category as you see on the menu. And to add any new content, I edit the page to publish it

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  1. You have awesome photos and artwork glad i stopped by!! I will follow for sure. Thank you for the follow as well. 😁 hope you keep inspiring others

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