Check out Raphael Saadiq’s new release “Something Keeps Calling” (2019).
Top Notch is glad to be working with such talented artists.

Please e-mail for artists searching for music marketing and national commercial radio airplay.

Enjoy && Bless, xo


This is for all my country heads out there!

This song played on the radio on my way back home and I kinda fell in love.

Somewhere With You by Kenny Chesney

Enjoy && Good night Ya’ll

Hi guys,

missed ya’ll & the art.

As promised, I told y’all I’ll be working more on my craft and sharing my journey with ya’ll. Now that I am settled in my new place, I have the equipment, time and creative space to create the work I want to create for ya’ll. Here’s a rough sketch of what I have going on so far. I would love to sell some of my art pieces for ya’ll and would like to know if ya’ll would be interested in purchasing. I could also make custom work as well. Feel free to comment and like this post so I have an idea.

Much love,


6B Drawing Pencil, Ms. Mariah Carey

Ah, my first voice over release on the radio Go Country 105FM for this week 7/15/19-7/21/19! About Scotty McCreery’s performance at the NOVO in Los Angeles!

So exciting to record, so much ahead of me I want to learn, develop, and accomplish thanks to Fred the KKGO Production Director/ Operations Manager– who has given me a word of praise and encouragement! I’d like to thank him for teaching me what I know now.

Always counting my blessings.