“Make It Better” Anderson Paak ft. Smokey Robinson (2019)

Just stumbled across an upcoming artist who goes by the name Anderson Paak. Love his old school, laidback aesthetic. It feels authentic, raw, and candid. Unfiltered. As an aspiring artist myself, I am discovering my own taste in sound and presentation. And after hearing this single, it hits home. As you may or may not know as a follower of highsnlows, I have always found comfort in old school music. I did not realize how much I loved it until I began to explore different artists of the genre, which first inspired me to create this blog and further share music that I find great and needs more recognition, or simply re-celebrated. Anyhow, Thanks for sticking with me ya’ll. As someone who identifies as a creative, I am only excited to show you guys what I create from all these hidden gems I find.


♪ Oh baby, do you want to make it better?
Do you want to stay together? ♪



New Youtube Video Up!

Hi guys, I’m currently in the works of creating more content and developing my Youtube Channel, which I first created about 3 years ago. I aim to record mostly music, vlogs, and life updates. Please subscribe if you would like to see more ♥

This summer has definitely been a hot one for me, so I like to keep my makeup very minimal and subtle especially under hot weather. For those who like to do the same and are interested, video’s below!


8.29.19 My First Singing Audition In Los Angeles


It was a Thursday night when I received an email at work regarding an application I submitted for a singer’s position for a well-established band. When I read his response in asking what times I was available to audition, I was filled with both excitement and anticipation, but also knowing that my decision of staying in LA was not entirely futile.. The band plays a variety of genres that perfectly suites my taste which is Soul, Funk, and R&B. Though, I did not exactly get the position I am so grateful to have mustered the courage to attend. The audition took place in a church located in North Long Beach.

He left me with sound advice, that only encouraged and uplifted my spirits. I am well aware of both my strengths and weaknesses as a vocalist that I am willing to take constructive criticism to create solid results. The band owner left me with advice that I know are fixable which all of that stems from my nervousnesses & lack of self-confidence.  He mentioned that he liked the tone of my voice and that it was unique and different from what he’s heard from with those who have auditioned. When we met, one of the first things he said was that he saw my instagram singing page and said I had a beautiful voice. At first I felt unsure of his genuinity, but as I felt the sincerity in his advice it only reaffirms how I feel about music and what I can bring through creating my own music.

He even went as far as maybe inviting me to a benefit concert he annually participates in where people of A/B listers like Aretha Franklin’s manger attends. He asked if that was something I was interested in participating in and if I would  like to maybe one day do a collaboration with him. I responded with so much excitement and told him I would love to as that is one of the reasons I decided to stay in LA while my family moved to Georgia. He proceeded to advise to me to keep on working and that he will have me come back for another audition. At that moment, I realized that God has been watching over me and I had angels guiding me throughout this journey. Living by yourself with nothing but a dream and passion, sometimes can be debilitating when you feel you have no direction. But this experience was only a reminder that there is much more in store for me, but also much more in me I know I have yet to show.

This is only the beginning.

Feel free to check out my singing IG page he referred to which you can find in my bio.

New Art Piece: Freelance Work

As I had mentioned, I am currently offering to do freelance work.

As a little girl, I remember watching my cousins draw a horse and was absolutely mesmerized. Almost 2 decades later, and I have collected notebooks of doodles/ drawings that have yet to see the light.

I think as a little girl, and maybe even, now I instinctively identified as a creative without really knowing it.. This ‘ability’ of mine caught the eye of my grade school art teachers growing up. I recall one particular time when I doodled a bow on a piece of paper and left it on the dining table. Later that day my father brought it back to me and said that the electrician took notice of it and called it beautiful. I recall another time in my high school photography class when my classmates and I were critiquing each other’s photos, and my teacher was commenting on a series of photos I took. She noticed the composition and said that “I had an artistic eye”, and I didn’t really understand. Even then while I was very aware of my interest in art, I didn’t really how much I realized how big a part art played in my life until I approached my late teens/ earlier 20’s (hence the number of arts journals I collected throughout the years). It was when I had a talk with my father not too long ago about my love for art is when he said ” you must have gotten your artistic ability from your mom” as I showed him my drawings from long ago, “you’re an artist but you don’t know”. Don’t know why, but those words still ring in my head.. Anyhow, til this day calling myself an ‘artist’ doesn’t sit well with me.. only because I think that title is left up to the people to decide. Though I know there is much growth for me to make and learn from, I could not be any more excited.

Please check out my art page. Hope my work brings you as much joy as it brings me to create it.


My First Class Teaching Music Moves In Me


My first class with the little ones was so much fun!
It was my first class by myself and although, it was definitely a new muscle for me to stretch, I am glad to know that I am a part of the children’s educational development.

I attended a pre-school in Santa Monica, LA where I led a class of about 10 kids. They were so full of energy that initially it was difficult for me to keep their attention. However, though it is challenging, I am learning on the job. It brought me to joy to watch the children learn and get them to engage with class material and content. We started off dancing to Ms. Calia’s Hello Song then the Instrument Study where we danced with egg shakers to Prince Aladin’s “Friend Like Me”. It such a high tempo song they were rockin’ to it. Then we did Something In My Box, where I showed them pictures of musical plays since this month’s theme is musical theater followed by Story Time where I read to them Mary Poppins. Fifthly, we did the freeze dance to Mary Poppin’s Fragilisticexpialidocious with flags. This song got them on their feet! Sixthly, we did the solfege activity where we sang to Do-re-Mi with handbells. They all sounded beautiful! Seventhly, we did the Oompa Loompa basketball challenge and lastly, the Good Bye song. They all did an amazing job and although, I am still learning their names I am so glad to be building trust and a relationship with the little ones as I think there is nothing else more important in their development.

I am so excited for their growth and to be witnessing their progress. I am thankful for this opportunity and to know that I am making a difference one class at a time. While I am teaching them, I am also learning from them as well. For those in the LA area, feel free to check out our site here. We have a variety of services that will meet your children’s educational needs while offering them fun entertainment. Alongside weekly class mommy and me class sessions, we do host amazing birthday parties that we can customize to your own theme. I will also be following up with some great pictures we took at June’s birthday party in another post!

If interested, feel free to comment below for further inquiries.