A Musical to Watch: Matilda at La Mirada Theater By Lorraine Bautista

The Musical, Matilda

It was an absolute joy to end the week by attending the Broadway musical, Matilda. On Saturday November 16th, I had the chance to watch one of the most entertaining and inspiring Broadway, Matilda, front row seats at La Mirada Theater. The show is about a gifted young girl named, Matilda, who is born to parents who show great disdain towards their own daughter. However, she uses her large intellect and her knack for an active imagination to navigate through at school and overcome trouble in her home life. Throughout her journey, she builds special relationships with the people around her as they find her light and passion for life both contagious and inspiring. The play includes a dynamic cast of characters, a series of wonderful music, and an admirable storyline that unites the youthful and kindred spirits of its audience. 

Audrey Cymone (center) plays the title role in “Matilda, the Musical” at La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts through Nov. 17. (Photo by Jason Niedle)

Because it has been ages since I have watched the original movie Matilda, I recall most of the scenes from the broadway musical being parallel to the original movie. In my own experience, Matilda brought back nostalgia that reminded me of my childhood memories and brought back that same sense of entertainment I experienced as a child when I first watched the movie. As a little girl, I remember growing a unique adoration and liking toward the character Matilda because I found some of her traits and experiences similar to mine such as in her love for reading and music. I had a great time during the performance and enjoyed the show as it was greatly reminiscent of my earliest childhood. It brought back a sense of ease and innocence that I, and many others who may agree, often lose touch of in the midst of the busyness and chaos that I call adulthood. And as others may agree, it is always a good thing when a certain movie, book, or show brings one back to a place that once felt like home to the individual. 

After Intermission
The Final Bow

As a music teacher for young children, I was most joyous about the children who displayed so much love, talent, and energy in their choreography and singing throughout the musical. The large child cast definitely added to the youthful atmosphere for the audience as told by the age demographics and reaction of the audience, making for great family entertainment. The actors also played polar characters which made for an even more interesting performance. I found that Matilda was filled with a little bit of everything including comedy, romance, and drama. Though I would love to share more about the show, I also wouldn’t want to give away any spoiler alerts. For those interested I would definitely recommend Matilda to someone looking for a pure entertainment and memorable time with family and friends.


Participating in Hosting First Birthday Party

Had the amazing opportunity to help assist in hosting a birthday party at my work in Culver City. I had a great time with the kids and witnessing how much music brings them joy. My supervisor, the main act of the show, did a stellar job throughout the music session. Not only is her voice amazing but she captured the audiences’ attention the entire time. Her stage presence and confidence is so admirable; it has only inspired me to become a better performer myself. Everyone felt and enjoyed her talent and energy in the room, it only affirmed my love for music and performance. Anyhow, the birthday party was such a success and I am so proud to be a part of it although it may be for a moment. Today only reminded me of the power of music and how powerful it is to bring a room full of strangers together. Here is many more great memories, and an exciting journey as aspiring artist/ vocalist myself.

Gospel Singers: Duranice Pace

As you may already know, lately I have been really into Gospel church music. As an aspiring vocalist, I feel a special connection when listening to Gospel singers and it brings me great euphoria. Don’t really know how to explain all I know is I feel it.. For me, I feel the presence of God when I listen to such singers sing their hearts out. It almost gives me a type of purpose that I can’t really articulate but hope to learn more about and delve into as I grow as a singer and follower of God. While I know I have so much more to learn, I discovered the Anointed Pace Sisters, whose voices are incredibly remarkable.. Gospel singers truly put your mind and soul in a different place, or at least for me it does so. Thought I’d share a little something by one of sisters– Duranice Pace. Hope it brings you as much joy and inspiration as it did me.


Happy Birthday Donna Summer!

Donna Summer, without question, possessed the most versatile voice in popular music. Her forays into rock, disco, R&B, country, jazz, Broadway, and gospel are unparalleled in their quality and breadth. She earned five Grammy Awards in four different genre categories, amassed four era-defining number one pop singles and three consecutive number one albums, a stack of gold and platinum discs, and boldly pushed beyond the “Queen of Disco” title she rightfully earned during her reign of the dance floor in the 1970s. 

– Soultracks (read more here)



In honor of Ms. Summer, there was a musical dedicated to the singer called the Summer: The Donna Summer Musical (2019). So bummed out to have missed this amazing show when they were in Los Angeles but super glad it’s making its way around the city to revive the legacy Ms. Summer has left behind!

“Joanna” by JoJo

If ya’ll remember, JoJo was the iconic of my childhood and 6th grade self. I remember admiring her vocal ability and thought she was the coolest person ever. At the age of 13, JoJo reached the charts with her song “Get Out” and “Baby ft. Bow Wow”. Ms. Jojo Levesque recently released Joanna which I found was really heartfelt and endearing so I thought I’d offer it some recognition here on my site.. The song addresses the highs and lows of her career (hence my site name) that I think many artists go through in their career or at least in the onset of starting their career. I think it offers a invaluable and powerful message of resilience. we often underestimate our abilities and gifts which only cause a disservice to us and those around us. Even in face of all her hardships and struggles, Jojo still managed to break through and continue her passion of singing and music. The song served as a source of inspiration and solace to me that I hope some of you may appreciate and can apply to some part of your life too..

Enjoy xo