“Midnight Train To Georgia” by Gladys Knight & The Pips

This song came up to mind lately and I have been playing it non stop.

To be quite frank, there are times I get tired of the city life here in Los Angeles… sometimes I wish I could be in a more quite place and escape from the hustle & bustle of the city just so that I can hear my thoughts and evade the distractions, superficial life, fake people, endless pursuit of money, etc. .. and this song captures precisely everything I am feeling at the moment, even addressing the worries of self-doubt in my journey of being a singer.

Sometimes I wanna leave all the people I know here and hop back on a train to Georgia, where life is peaceful and simple.


Happy Birthday O’ Kelly Isley!

The eldest of the Isley Brothers, Kelly started singing with his brothers at church. When he was 16, he and his three younger brothers (Rudy, Ronnie and Vernon) formed The Isley Brothers and toured the gospel circuit. Following the death of Vernon in a road accident, the brothers decided to try their hand at doo-wop and moved to New York to find a recording deal. Between 1957 and 1959, the Isleys would record for labels such as Teenage and Mark X. In 1959, they signed with RCA Records after a scout spotted the trio’s energetic live performance.

–  Wikipedia (read more here)



KJazz Tops Record During 2019 Fall Pledge Drive By Lorraine Bautista

To say that our 2019 Fall Pledge Drive was a success would be quite the understatement. While KJazz is fortunate to reach our fundraising goals in previous drives, this Fall we surpassed our initial goal beyond expectation. The results are as follows. The average pledge amount per person was $175. On the last day of the drive, we had $86,310.16 pledged from 453 individuals. While our initial goal was $60,000, this Fall we amassed a whopping amount of $323, 453 (including the $30,000 Herb Alpert Challenge Grant) which exceeds five times our initial goal! As always, we couldn’t have done so without the collective effort of the KJazz station management, our team staff, DJ Hosts, our dedicated volunteers, and lastly our loyal listeners in the country and around the world. The pledge drive wouldn’t have possible without your help. All profits will go towards covering the operational costs for the radio station along with providing for scholarships and internships toward the university for California State University, Long Beach. KJazz would like to thank everybody who has assisted, participated, and donated throughout the Pledge Drive. KJazz appreciates your time, generosity, and enthusiasm in making the KJazz 2019 Fall Pledge Drive as successful as it was this year around. 

In exchange for your support, KJazz strives to give back to our community not only through music that our listeners adore, but through special prizes our listeners can enjoy as well. Firstly, all donors were automatically entered to win our grand sweepstakes for the Paris Jazz Cruise in April 2020 led by David Benoit, Jose Rizo and Bubba Jackson a 7 day musical adventure to Paris and Normandy! Winners will be treated to several onboard concerts featuring outstanding European musicians playing straight ahead jazz, a little Django Reinhardt-style gypsy jazz, plus we’ll throw one of our famous Latin jazz dance parties! Secondly, our volunteers had the opportunity to win a pair of concert tickets to our annual 2019 Jingle Jazz Concert featuring Jose Rizo at El Rey Theater in Los Angeles in celebration for DJ Host Jose Rizo’s 30th anniversary on KJazz. In addition to our large array of special gifts, all donors also had the chance to choose from our wide selection of special gifts including: classic CD’s, flash drives and iPods filled with Jazz greatest hits, concert tickets, restaurant gift cards, etc. Once again, we would like to offer a special thank you to all participators, volunteers, and donors for making Our KJazz 2019 Fall Pledge Drive the best one yet! Our listenership and your constant support allow KJazz to continue its mission of educating and preserving jazz as an important American art form to both current and future generations of jazz enthusiasts and aspiring musician-alike. Please be sure to mark on your calendars that the 2020 Spring Pledge Drive, which will take place from April 2-5, 2020.  We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Life Update & In Preparation for Christmas Benefit Concert with Band

Thought I’d mention that this is a post long overdue, however, I would still like to post this anyway for the sake of documenting every waking moment, thought, emotion, and memory in the course of my journey… enjoy xo

The holidays are approaching and it still feels to me as if Fall has only begun. It is insane to know that almost 5 months have flown by since I have decided to live in LA by myself. Time truly flies when you choose to keep yourself productive. I have grown so much throughout the time and am only continuing to do so..
I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have experienced that opportunities I have had so far– including the highs and lows. It really has not been easy, but I only remind myself that there is so much ahead of me I have yet to experience. As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, this Christmas of 2019 I will be performing with a band for a great cause. This event is a Christmas Benefit Concert meaning all funds will go towards the bandleader’s nonprofit for kids with anger management issues so that the kids lead much healthier lives. I am currently in the works of preparing as it is only a couple weeks away, and it hasn’t been the easiest road. While I do have my self-doubts in my skills and abilities, I also know that I have God watching over me in great faith. I don’t do any of this for the attention as that was never my concern, but I do things for the greater good. And as long as I believe in the reasons why I make the decisions I make, I also no there could be no wrong. I want to thank everyone so far who has taken the time to visit, view, follow, or even comment on my stuff as it restores faith and hope in my purpose. I appreciate every kind word and thought as it truly means a lot to me. As I have said, this is only the beginning.

KJazz December 2019 Newsletter Edition: KJazz Breaks Fundraising Record During 2019 Fall Pledge Drive


Dear Lorraine,

Stephanie and I want to thank you for your hard work during our recent Fall Pledge Drive.  We truly appreciate your help!

We want to share with you an overview of the terrific pledge drive results.  The total raised was $323,453.04 (this includes the $30,000 Herb Alpert Challenge Grant).  The average pledge amount was $175.  On the last day of the drive, we had $86,310.16 pledged from 453 individuals.  Comparing back as far as 2007, this was our single best day of fundraising.

As you may be familiar, if you have been following my site for a while now, our 2019 KJazz Fall Pledge Drive has come to an end. The Pledge Drive took place for about 4 days Thursday 10/ 31 to Sunday 11/3, and the outcome of the drive was incredible! As you read in the email above, we raised a total of $323,453.04. This went way beyond our initial goal of $60,000, and we couldn’t have done it without our volunteers, DJ Hosts, staff members, and of course our head supervisor! We worked as a team and the results shows! This single handedly marks the best pledge drive we’ve had so far in regards to fundraising. In exchange for donations our donors not only received special gifts such as flash drives, iPods, CD’s, restaurant gift cards, concert tickets, etc., but also an opportunity to win our sweepstakes! Both included the opportunity to win a pair of concert tickets to our annual Jingle Jazz Concert but also a 7 day trip to Paris.

Our donors were filled with excitement and thus, eager to contribute to the radio station. Their generous contributions allowed us to raise high amount of funds that we did in this pledge drive, not to mention the immense joy they get from their special gifts. We had volunteers commute from all over to make this event possible and we couldn’t be anymore grateful! I also thought I’d note that our volunteers were incredibly, kind, friendly, and knowledgeable considering that they tend to be of the older generations. I personally find joy in conversing with older people only because they are so wise and could offer plenty insight to my naive, budding mind. All donations and contributions make it possible for KJazz to serve its’ purpose of both educating and serving our listeners with the great jazz music that they love to listen to everyday! I am personally incredibly grateful to participate in a great cause such as KJazz this past year, and to know I help play a part in its operations and overall mission makes the hard work worthwhile. To top it off, today my manager offered me more hours in celebration of my first year anniversary with KJazz. My first year at KJazz as so far been so incredible. As an intern, I am grateful to have been offered an opportunity such as this because I’ve met some inspiring people and participated in such great music events! I know that this is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to continue growing with KJazz as both a team member, and aspiring artist myself.

If you’re a jazz cat, feel free to check out our upcoming Pledge Drive this Spring in April. Rock with us and grab your favorite CD in our next drive to hear in on your favorite tune, at KJazz 88.1FM.  Our music and hosts never disappoint!

Also thought I’d mention that I will also be releasing our upcoming KJazz newsletter in December/ January as there will be plenty happening in the next few months, stayed tuned for that!

Mitch Glickman’s Symphonic Jazz Orchestra & Chris Brubeck Concert


On Sunday November 17th, I attended a jazz event that took place at my alma mater school, California State University Long Beach at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center. It was a great way to end the week as I watched Music Director Mitch Glickman and his Symphonic Jazz Orchestra perform and play the day away alongside guest appearance Chris Brubeck, son of Dave Brubeck. The audience was captured by every night and happily entertained throughout the entire show as shown by their reactions and applause.

Extremely proud to say that I had the opportunity to interview Glickman for our KJazz88.1FM newsletter not too long ago. He is wonderful musician and human being to say the least. Glickman  serves as director of Music Programs for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Glickman also runs his own program called “Beyond Symphonic Jazz by Mitch Glickman” which you can find our KJazz site here. “Beyond Symphonic Jazz” is a new 2-hour show on KJazz 88.1Fm and airs every Sunday evening from 9-11pm. Check out the show on our site on I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and thought you would too. Below is some footage I took during the concert. Enjoy.