2/20/20 The People’s Party: Elevation & Bar Lounge


Wow, this year has been a great start for me thus far. Beyond my wildest dreams, I have performed twice at a local bar in Los Angeles in the past month that has only encourage and inspired my love and creativity for music. The People’s Party hosts shows in the area to showcase local talents and artists, bringing the community together for a great time and great music. If you were to tell me a year ago, this was gonna happen I wouldn’t have believed you. I feel so blessed to have been invited to both events and to simply have the opportunity to share my love for music with others. It has only fueled me to become the best version of myself that I can be as artist/ performer/ singer as I know there is much more of me to share.. It is the dream I owe to myself as a little young, now that I feel empowered to have trained and gotten my voice back. (A story I hope to share when I am ready).

Anyhow, though this is only the beginning I am working on some music and am getting my mind and spirit right for what is to come. Super stoked for the music I am writing and creating with some great people.. after all is said and done.. God is good.

Be on a look out for my upcoming EP, that will be releasing very soon within the next months. https://lorrainebautista.com

Til next time,

x Lo