Taking it back as I always do for ya’ll. Here’s to some of the most amazing female artists out there since day one. Original Gangstas. Superwomen.

Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, Patti LaBelle / (1991 MCA Records Inc.)

Karyn White (1988)

Gospel Singers: Duranice Pace

As you may already know, lately I have been really into Gospel church music. As an aspiring vocalist, I feel a special connection when listening to Gospel singers and it brings me great euphoria. Don’t really know how to explain all I know is I feel it.. For me, I feel the presence of God when I listen to such singers sing their hearts out. It almost gives me a type of purpose that I can’t really articulate but hope to learn more about and delve into as I grow as a singer and follower of God. While I know I have so much more to learn, I discovered the Anointed Pace Sisters, whose voices are incredibly remarkable.. Gospel singers truly put your mind and soul in a different place, or at least for me it does so. Thought I’d share a little something by one of sisters– Duranice Pace. Hope it brings you as much joy and inspiration as it did me.


Life Update & In Preparation for Christmas Benefit Concert with Band

Thought I’d mention that this is a post long overdue, however, I would still like to post this anyway for the sake of documenting every waking moment, thought, emotion, and memory in the course of my journey… enjoy xo

The holidays are approaching and it still feels to me as if Fall has only begun. It is insane to know that almost 5 months have flown by since I have decided to live in LA by myself. Time truly flies when you choose to keep yourself productive. I have grown so much throughout the time and am only continuing to do so..
I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have experienced that opportunities I have had so far– including the highs and lows. It really has not been easy, but I only remind myself that there is so much ahead of me I have yet to experience. As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, this Christmas of 2019 I will be performing with a band for a great cause. This event is a Christmas Benefit Concert meaning all funds will go towards the bandleader’s nonprofit for kids with anger management issues so that the kids lead much healthier lives. I am currently in the works of preparing as it is only a couple weeks away, and it hasn’t been the easiest road. While I do have my self-doubts in my skills and abilities, I also know that I have God watching over me in great faith. I don’t do any of this for the attention as that was never my concern, but I do things for the greater good. And as long as I believe in the reasons why I make the decisions I make, I also no there could be no wrong. I want to thank everyone so far who has taken the time to visit, view, follow, or even comment on my stuff as it restores faith and hope in my purpose. I appreciate every kind word and thought as it truly means a lot to me. As I have said, this is only the beginning.

2019 Christmas Benefit Concert with Band

Had an amazing time participating in the Christmas Benefit Concert in Long Beach, California last weekend. It has been a while since I have performed in front of a fairly large audience before, there were about 100+ attendees. They were grooving to the music and seemed to be entertained! The band and I performed a total of 13 songs as I had my solo performance singing “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”. Even though I was nervous, I had so much fun. I was afraid I would freeze up and forget my lyrics, but instead I tried to live in the moment, and things just flowed naturally. As evident by the audience’s reactions, it seemed they enjoyed the show as well. It was so nice to hear them applaud after every performance and only reminded me of how much power music has in connecting a group of people.

I also had the chance to get to know more of the band members considering I only rehearsed a total of two times with them prior to the show. I currently don’t have any footage of the performance or any part of the show, but am glad to share them once I have access to them 🙂 As if the concert couldn’t get better… Aretha Franklin’s old manager, H.B. Barnum also performed alongside his choir, who sounded so beautiful! I even had the chance to meet Motown singer Brenda Holloway as pictured below. She sounded like an angel and had a beautiful gown on ! When I met her, she was so sweet and down to earth. There were also bell players too who sounded amazing, adding to the Christmas spirit as well. Again, feeling so blessed and grateful to have been a part of this show. It only left me feeling incredibly inspired to do more in the future.



New Cover on IG singing Account

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 1.55.09 AM.png

I know it’s been a minute, but thought I would drop a little something for you guys. Went out of town for a little break to visit my family in Georgia. Had a great time seeing the family again and can’t wait to share more of my trip with you guys on here. In the meanwhile, I have been dying to create new music and have been coming up with new stuff to share with ya’ll. Here’s a little piece I did on Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey, in honor of the country side! (maybe soon to be home..??). Anyhow, hope ya’ll enjoy this super rough cover. Don’t want to disappoint and will be coming out with more original stuff in the future. Please like, comment, and follow this post and show some love on my IG Singing Account @the.highsnlows too, for more!

Peace & Love,

x Lo