Classic Jam: “Slow Jam” by Atlantic Starr

Love when I see a classic song come back to life. Truly miss the contemporary R&B.

enjoy ya’ll.

Artist: Atlantic Starr
Release Date: 1983
Album: No Parking On The Dance Floor
Record Label: Solar
Artist: Usher ft. Monica
Release Date: 1997
Album: My Way
Record Label: LaFace // Arista


Contemporary R&B Artist of 2019

R&B is live and well.
The music scene has slowly evolved the past decade and (thankfully) we see that the radio continues to play music from artists who have R&B/ soul influences. I compiled a list of a couple artists who are making waves in the music scene today and have become some of my contemporary influences today:

Ella Mai
Shot Clock

Hard Place

Just Say So



Undecided by Chris Brown, 2019

Fun fact, Brown was first discovered at 14 years old when a local production team recruiting talent found him at his father’s gas station in Virginia. He’s come so far. Amazing what passion, hardwork, and time could do for an individual. After missing in action, Brown drops his new single ‘Undecided’, which I think is fire. I recently visited Santa Monica, where the music video was shot. It was so packed, cool to know they rented the whole place out for this video. Anyway, let me know what ya’ll think! Catchy vibes fersure.

Undecided [Clean]