Participating in Hosting First Birthday Party

Had the amazing opportunity to help assist in hosting a birthday party at my work in Culver City. I had a great time with the kids and witnessing how much music brings them joy. My supervisor, the main act of the show, did a stellar job throughout the music session. Not only is her voice amazing but she captured the audiences’ attention the entire time. Her stage presence and confidence is so admirable; it has only inspired me to become a better performer myself. Everyone felt and enjoyed her talent and energy in the room, it only affirmed my love for music and performance. Anyhow, the birthday party was such a success and I am so proud to be a part of it although it may be for a moment. Today only reminded me of the power of music and how powerful it is to bring a room full of strangers together. Here is many more great memories, and an exciting journey as aspiring artist/ vocalist myself.

Class Update: Music Moves In Me

Music Moves In Me Birthday Party

Been such a blessing to have the opportunity to teach music to children. In the last few months, I have been teaching a weekly music class to children ranging from 3-7 years old. It’s amazing and fulfilling experience to witness such malleable, high energy (though restless) and curious minds at play. As a music teacher, I coordinate a weekly agenda oriented around both music and early childhood education. A typical class agenda would entail using instruments such as microphones, drums, portable piano, xylophone, hand bells, tambourines, etc. It brings me joy to see students be excited to recognize/ use the instruments and apply themselves in music by memorizing lyrics by heart and singing Do-Re-Mi. I also incorporate other activities such as story time, something in my box, freeze dance, Oompa Loompa basketball challenge, and more. Such activities are designed to activate their listening skills while also letting their wiggles out through physical activities as well.

Depending on the theme of the course, I also make sure to stay spontaneous in my classes by switching up and rotating activities so that the children stay engaged and aren’t bored by the same agenda. The best part of being a teacher is getting to know each child as every child is different. It’s not only about teaching them, but also learning from them I find is the most valuable asset of being a teacher. Every class I learn on the job and find their company, entertainment, and learning development the most rewarding of all. Again, so blessed to have been given the opportunity to make music more relevant and hopefully an outlet for kids who need it and may event carry it the rest of their lives. Pictures very very soon!

New Project: Music Teacher in Training with Music Moves In Me

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 3.51.50 AM.png


As some of ya’ll may already know, I am proud to announce that I am currently music teacher/ birthday enthusiast in training as well as the marketing assistant for Music Moves In Me. For any of ya’ll in the SoCal area looking to bring some playtime and summertime fun for both you and your family, Music Moves In Me hosts Mommy & Me Family Style Music Sessions every Wednesday at 10.A.M. in Redondo Beach. My supervisor/ owner of Music Moves In Me, is incredible and has a great vision to offer for families with little ones and parents looking to incorporate music into their children’s early education. I am grateful to be given such guidance! These classes help to strengthen and develop their both their motor and cognitive skills while also instilling the value of music in their daily lives. Such classes range in themes (including music theater, dinosaurs, classical, etc.) and help to expose other fun, informative subjects for the littles one. I am so excited to teach in the upcoming school year alongside my peers, as well as sharing my journey with you as a teacher for one of my passions, music. Teaching children to become comfortable with their bodies and voices at an early stage of their life is so important to me, as someone who wishes I had the same opportunity at their age. At Music Moves In Me, we seek to make such classes not only educational, but memorable for children of all ages. Thanks for making it this far and reading ya’ll. Much appreciated.

Please check out our site for more information & how to book a class or birthday party with Music Moves In Me today ❃