Reached 1.3k Monthly Views on Pinterest

thank you so much for everyone who has visited my Pinterest account! Couldn’t be doing what I do without you guys.

Means so much that my stuff interests you all as I continue to share my passion and love for the music.

For those who are new, my Pinterest consists of pictures of legendaries artists who ruled: Pop, Country, Soul, Gospel, Funk, etc. and within those genres, I have divided them into eras. I chose pictures that would take the viewer back in time where the music brought people together, like a time capsule. I am pretty selective with my pictures as I hope they bring you back a real sense of nostalgia (even if you didn’t grow up in the era like myself lol). You can check out my Pinterest page here.

Again, much love & got new content on its way.

x Lo

New Song Piece

hi guys, been a minute but thought it was time to share with ya’ll some new lyrics I had been cooking up during covid. Lately, I have really been into rap, doing my research listening to hip cats like Wu-Tang, Jay Z, Eminem, Tu Pac, etc. and even with modern day rap because the game has been on fire thanks to emerging female rappers like Saweetie & Meg Thee Stallion. If you have followed me for a while, you’d know how much writing is one of my passions, due to my love for music and poetry. And coincidentally, God sends me his blessing by sending one of my new favorite song atm, newly released “Live At The Villa” by Russ. You’d know that I couldn’t resist. Anyhow, below are the lyrics. hope to sparks some sort of creativity in your art work too. much more to share with ya’ll.

much love x Lo

click here for “Live At The Villa” instrumental

ever a time you felt so all alone
got your friends blastin’ like “bitch pick up that phone”
but I’m in another head space n they don’t even know
Instead I grind and I grind and I keep my head low
like how a singer hides right after a sold out show
but you gotta keep faith. so I keep on keepin’ on
gotta appreciate what you got before it’s all gone
like a game of chess; you left with one pawn

play your cards right & you don’t gotta bluff
or throw em on the deck, when enough is enough
cause quite frankly, lames be tryin’ my last nerve
on a different caliber (ya) kick em to the curb

to the man above gracin’ my every move
who’s been guidin’ me in everything everything that I do
I am me only me and that’s because of you
only known struggle, but still paying my dues

been the black sheep (ya) different from the rest
can’t handle me at my worst, sure don’t deserve me at my best
I’m just sayin’
If you don’t fight for your dream
you’ll live life feeling utterly incomplete
for the week souls// nodding’ at my every verse.
uh, if you know then you know. spoken word.

June Monthly Pick Up

Just purchased a few books at my local book store in Koreatown, Los Angeles not too long ago in June of last month.

Found some great finds related to music, photography, and law (for preparation as I have hopes of venturing into the legal field sometime in the far future, but will save that discussion for another time.)

I am currently catching up in my reading and have started a new insightful book The Gift by Lewis Hyde.
So far, it has helped me recognize the importance creativity & how to nurture it so that we can continue to grow ourselves as an artist and a person of society.
Will definitely touch base as I continue to read on & of course write a book review at the end once I am finished.

Anyhow, plenty has happened in the past few days that made only catapulted me to be making the real (long overdue) moves I should’ve been making years ago for my music career.
I have written a few pieces that I can’t wait to share with ya’ll & will be collaborated with other artists very soon in the near future. Can’t wait to keep ya’ll updated. Here’s to new beginnings.

much love x Lo

New Photos on Gallery

Just posted new photos on the gallery I’d love for ya’ll to check out, which you can find here.

Always on the grind for new content. Also wanted to give a quick reminder to all the hustlers out there to stay about your business and stay focused. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. only then will you enjoy and reap the benefits of your hard work so that one day, you can pass the torch along to your fellow comrade.

stay tuned for more on highsnlows.

much love x Lo

Update: Pinterest

So excited to announce that my Pinterest account is growing and was shocked to find close to 5k viewers who have checked out my account since the last month I’ve created it. I also wanted to take the time to thank all of ya’ll who have paid a visit thus far. It means a lot when people follow and take notice of the hard work I put into my content and side business. For those who have been with me since day one (back in 2016 when I first created highsnlows), I am sure you have seen the evolution of what my blog has become which has become a documentation of my passion and love for the arts, social justice issues, and of course, music. And my Pinterest is very much an extension of my passion for music. For those interested, my Pinterest account contains an array of different genres including: jazz, rock n roll, gospel, funk, soul, country, etc. And each genre is divided into decades, to showcase the evolution of music. You’ll find a range of both vintage and contemporary music. In spite of all the doubt & fears, I’ve had about music, I am still so glad I have stuck by it because to me, good music matters more than anything close to me. It brings nostalgia, uplifts you, connects people, conveys messages of important issues otherwise difficult to discuss openly in conversation, and most importantly for me, makes me feel whole; nothing helps me make sense of the world more than music. Anyhow, that is my rant for today thank you again for sticking by or even visiting. Take a peak at my Pinterest here as I hope something in it brings you some level of joy.

much love xLo

Host Amanda Seales quits The Real Talk Show

Host and comedian Amanda Seales quits The Real Talk Show after she decides that she no longer wants to take part of a public broadcast that does not allow to speak on important issues of racial injustice and inequalities. Rumors are that Seales got fired, but in reality, Seales felt that she was denied the right to speak about matters that were important to her as an African American female. She also struggled facing some level of oppression in her own experience as a black women in Hollywood business. In other words, she felt that her integrity and moral conscious outweighed the benefits of her staring in a talk show that did not feel was just and fair. And quite honestly, I commend her for this decision. For me, Seale’s decision to leave the show reinforces the messages that if you are not happy where you are at, chances are you are not meant to be there, and there are bigger and brighter opportunities ahead of you. Do not ever diminish your own self-value and truth. The truth always prevails.

“Great Artist Suffer For the People” – Marvin Gaye

don’t think this song can be anymore relevant than it is now.
At times, I have my doubt & insecurities about my decision of pursuing music and becoming some sort of a recognized singer. But it’s times like these that make me feel the pursuit, struggle, and hurt is all worth it. hope ya’ll find as much inspiration in this song as I do. at the end of the day, it is good music that truly moves the soul. much love. x Lo

Professional Surfer Bethany Hamilton: Soul Surfer (2011) & Unstoppable (2019)

Such an amazing movie that showcases the power of determination, trust, and faith regardless of any size of tribulation that comes in one’s way.

For those who are unfamiliar, Soul Surfer was released in 2011. Soul Surfer is based on a true story autobiography in which a young girl named Bethany Hamilton whose love for surfing would lead her back to the ocean after a tragic incident. At the age of 13, Hamilton was bitten by a tiger shark that left her with only one arm. In spite of this tragedy, Hamilton continued to follow her passion for surfing and returned to professional surfing. At the age of 24, Hamilton won the Pipeline, on the North Shore of Oahu. Though she faced plenty of doubt and rejection as well as her share of losses, Hamilton continued to persevere with the guidance and grace of His blessing and God. Instead of falling victim to her accident, Hamilton blocked the outside noises that tried to penetrate her psyche and instead turned the accident into a lifelong mission of redemption and resolution. While I may not have the same passion of surfing as Hamilton does, I know that I have many passions inside me that I can not wait to share with the world. While watching the movie, I couldn’t help but feel both the pain and joy Bethany felt as someone who lost her physical part of herself that she initially felt hindered her growth as a surfer. And so this is the moment where I guess I share with you guys my personal story as an aspiring singer to help you understand why I felt I had a personal connection to the movie.

When I was 13, I was diagnosed with a hyperthyroidism, with a visible benign tumor growing in my throat, and as result had to undergo a partial thyroidectomy. While I was concerned for my health, I was also just as concerned with my voice– a concern I couldn’t exactly understand myself at the time. All I knew was I loved singing and if I were to lose any slight part or sound of my voice, I as a person and individual would not be the same. I was worried my voice will not be the same after surgery. After being reassured by my doctor that my voice will remain the same and untouched, I still felt a hinge of doubt but continued with surgery as I felt I had no other real choice. After surgery, my voice was not the same and I felt a difference in my timbre (which I would later learn) and quality in my voice. I was devastated and completely abandoned my childhood dream of becoming a singer. Almost 10 years later, I am upset with my child self for not believing and preserving but also know that I would not have it any other way because I also know that if the love for singing is real, it will not leave. And it never has. It was 3 years ago and when I had somewhat of a spiritual awakening, when I knew music will always remain in me and somehow be very much related in my future. Three years later, and I still very much believe so as I feel my journey has only begun and I have much much more to accomplish in this lifetime.

As a creative and self-identified artist, my love for the music, blogging, travel, arts, social justice, and life has brought me to this very moment where I am completely and entirely grateful for all my gains and losses in life. This is why I created this blog thehighsnlows, so that I can share with you the gems of inspiration& wisdom along with the abundance of love and joy I find in my hobbies, interests, and passions. With that being said, believe in yourself so the world believes in you.

Below are some of my favorite quotes from Unstoppable (2019), Bethany Hamilton’s newest release, is now on Netflix. Unstoppable is a documentary of Bethany Hamilton’s journey of tribulation & success. Another great watch I highly recommend for those experiencing growing pains like myself.

“When it comes to accomplishing dreams & goals [there are] so many key ingredients passion, drive, dedication, commitment & support from people around you.” – Unstoppable

“It takes that certain thing of understanding you have a potential & knowing that potential inside of you & wanting to fulfill it to the maximum. Most people who are like that are really hard on themselves.” – Unstoppable

“It takes a lot of determination, strength, and willpower to let go and be patient with yourself and go through a hundred failures & get that one success.” – Unstoppable

“Her journey is not what all her friends’ journey are. She’s in rare air, she’s in a place that no one’s been.” – Unstoppable, friend Bethany Hamilton

“Joanna” by JoJo

If ya’ll remember, JoJo was the iconic of my childhood and 6th grade self. I remember admiring her vocal ability and thought she was the coolest person ever. At the age of 13, JoJo reached the charts with her song “Get Out” and “Baby ft. Bow Wow”. Ms. Jojo Levesque recently released Joanna which I found was really heartfelt and endearing so I thought I’d offer it some recognition here on my site.. The song addresses the highs and lows of her career (hence my site name) that I think many artists go through in their career or at least in the onset of starting their career. I think it offers a invaluable and powerful message of resilience. we often underestimate our abilities and gifts which only cause a disservice to us and those around us. Even in face of all her hardships and struggles, Jojo still managed to break through and continue her passion of singing and music. The song served as a source of inspiration and solace to me that I hope some of you may appreciate and can apply to some part of your life too..

Enjoy xo

Music Mondays

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

well, it’s been a cool minute since I’ve posted any of my songwriting/ poetry.
It might actually be almost a whole year since I posted my last #musicmonday pieces (though I’ve been doing plenty behind the scenes).. so I thought today is the day to do so. I have a journal of them & have been writing a lot more for my voisey too which you can follow me @lorrainebau.. can’t wait to share the rest of them with you every week! These are a couple short ones I pulled out, let me know if you’d like me to post more of my pieces

ps: I will posting new covers/snippets more frequently soon which you can find either on my Youtube or Instagram
Thank you again all for sticking around much love x Lo

didn’t know a pain like this
can make me feel estranged like this
watched as life passed by, is there anything I missed?
don’t mean to contradict
just got some issues I wanna fix
I aint got no other wish
but to be the baddest in the mix.. ♪

♪ looked out my window
not a plain soul in sight [noo]
kills me that I won’t be
goin nowhere tonight
feel so lonely
grab my voice
and I cave in
what do I do
stuck in my room
starin’ the moon
watching the news
plottin’ my move
aint ready to lose [ya, ya] 2x ♪

Netflix Film: Cadillac Records (2008)

The film Cadillac Records was an insightful & interesting film to watch to say the least.
Odd to think that the film was released almost a whole decade ago, but in some ways still feels very new.

The film stars Adrien Brody as Leonard Chess, Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters, and Beyoncé as Etta James. While Cadillac Records is based on a true story, I thought it was an interest how the film instead tells the story of Chess Records, one of the preeminent blues record labels in the late 40s and 50s during the rise of blues in Chicago. For the director’s purpose, Darnell Martin, of showing issues about race that later influenced the Civil Rights.

While there are many interpretations & opinions on the film out there on the internet, I’d recommend ya’ll to give a try! There are definitely some interesting facts in the storyline that I personally found fascinating. Revisit the 40-50’s of Chicago blues & let me know your thoughts below!

(click here to purchase Cadillac Records on Amazon)

Gospel Singers: Duranice Pace

As you may already know, lately I have been really into Gospel church music. As an aspiring vocalist, I feel a special connection when listening to Gospel singers and it brings me a sense of euphoria. Don’t really know how to explain all I know is I feel it.. For me, I feel the presence of God when I listen to such singers sing their hearts out. It almost gives me a type of purpose that I can’t really articulate but hope to learn more about and delve into as I grow as a singer and follower of God. While I know I have so much more to learn, I discovered the Anointed Pace Sisters, whose voices are incredibly remarkable.. Gospel singers truly put your mind and soul in a different place, or at least for me it does so. Thought I’d share a little something by one of sisters– Duranice Pace. Hope it brings you as much joy and inspiration as it did me.

(click here to purchase I Know Prayer Changes Things (feat. Duranice Pace) on Amazon)

Local Music Shops: Los Angeles

I thought this would be a worthwhile post even though we are essentially in the middle of pandemic, and all non essential businesses are shut down. For what it is though this list might be something you can refer back to anytime in the future.
If you are a born LA native, you might or might not already be familiar with these stores.
For those who are new to the area or simply would like new places to explore, you might find a few on the list that you can add to your next visit. These stores range from selling musical instruments to vinyl & CD’s. While these are only a few from the mix, they might be something to consider for your next visit if interested.
For all music lovers out there, I’ve made a list of shops where you can browse or shop:

Sam Ash Music Stores in Torrance
Guitar Center in Hollywood
Amoeba Music (relocating to  6200 Hollywood Blvd in FAll due to COV-19)
Choice Music in Koreatown

TimeWarp Records in Santa Monica

* Due to the current circumstances created by COVID-19, all businesses deemed non essential including music retail, are subject to change locations or hopefully not, close down entirely. Please be sure to check out stores’ website for further updates before visit.

Emerging Artist: Kota the Friend

oof! Kota the Friend is bout to pop off this year!

If ya’ll haven’t yet, Jersey artist Kota the Friend just released a hot album late March & he’s the talk of the town.

Not gonna lie, I was a bit skeptical only because who needs another Hip-Hop/ Rapper? but I got to say his music is catchy, and just in time for the summertime vibes too. He released his top streaming single “Colorado” in 2018. While working and grinding it out, he released his newest album Everything (2020). His sound is fresh & new, and he seems pretty relatable. His message is not only about sex, drugs, and money– which I can appreciate. His got a great response thus far. streaming close to 2.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. While I do dig his music, I also admire that he is an independent artist meaning that he is not signed with any label but is using his own money to fund his music career. It’s 2020, so I’m glad things are changing for the better in the industry, than to be locked in a contract that can subsequently sabotage you’re career.

Anyhow, check out his music! I’ve attached audio below for ya’ll to take a listen.
Let me know what ya’ll think!

(click here to purchase EVERYTHING [Explicit] on Amazon)