The Dramatics “Whatcha See is Whatcha Get”

Who else loves stumbling across great music? I know I do!

In the midst of editing my first youtube video (which you guys should check out! & pls cut me some slack I was kinda nervous if you couldn’t tell LOL), I came across just the right song I needed for an reference in my video. If ya’ll been following me for a while, you would know how much I love old-school classic soul music, which is what I found. I couldn’t wait to present it in my Saturday Shazam Series (where I collect all the greatest songs I’ve found & share em all with you here) so I thought I’d make a separate one here.

Okay, enough of my rambling it is Thee Dramatics “Whatcha See is Whatcha Get”. Never heard it in my life but so glad I came across them! Feel free to groove to it and check it out here.

much love,

x Lo

new content on instagram

I am trying my very best to create in spite of this inexplainable slumber I am feeling during these times. It’s such an odd time, isn’t it? At least that’s how I feel, but as an artist, I also know this time is a gift for all creatives as this provides us an God given opportunity to spend more time into our artistry and craft. and no doubt I feel blessed & quite rejuvenated! This couldn’t have came along a better time in my life..

Anyhow, I just posted new content on my instagram which I encourage ya’ll to check out which you can find here. I know I’ll be creating much much more!  If ya’ll have any song requests, I would love to hear them! I have a whole list of songs I would like to cover but haven’t found quite the right inspiration and space to do it (which truly makes me sad). As I have already begun my songwriting process and have found so much joy in the creative process of my EP, alongside other musical pieces I have been working on here & there. Anyhow, hope ya’ll enjoy & thank’s for sticking with me!

5/11 Mariah Carey Performs Live At Rise Up New York

Sorry I’m a bit late on this guys, but nonetheless thought this post was worthy to post and inform ya’ll about~

Such an amazing way to celebrate Mother’s Day, and of course, to provide relief for those needed in the midst of this pandemic.
What better gift than for me Mariah Carey to serenade us into a deep musical slumber or sending us on a magic carpet ride to the moon?

(And not to mention, she sang one of my favorite songs, and of course most commonly talked about here on my blog.. “Make It Happen”. Not only is it the musical composition, but the lyrics and message of the song. It just hits home in the right way for me.)

Anyway all jokes aside, 2020 Mariah has not lost her mojo in spite of what the media and public mock her of! She did some things in there that people can only wish they can honestly! Not only her voice, but her motive behind participating in this event brings me great joy. The Robin Hood Relief Benefit is a fund created due to the pandemic of COVID 19 to provide nonprofit organizations. 100% of donations will provide emergency support through food, housing, job security, and more. These times can be extremely rough for some, but these events that many musicians participate in give me massive hope for the future! What better gift than to share your love of music behind a purpose to serve the community and vulnerable?

Feel free to watch it below to find out for yourselves!

Oh, & happy belated Mother’s Day ya’ll & sending my prayers to those needed due to COVID-19.

Netflix Show: Glow Up (2019) Review

Soo, as you know I always love to share my suggestions with you whether it be in the arts, music, or, in this case, films. Only now, however, I just realized that in sharing these suggestions with you, that they somehow evolve into reviews. So I guess this is a start of new series on my blog that I will be calling such pieces “reviews”. Sit back, grab ya popcorn, & read on ya’ll.

I would like to start off by saying that I hope everyone is well & safe, and that you have spent this time either finding some peace or maybe even channeling your energy into productivity during this time.

I have spent the last couple weeks since my return from Georgia watching documentary films/ series as I have discussed in my last post “Netflix Documentary: Quincy (2018)”, which you can read here.

This time I would like share with you a new series that I just finished called Glow Up.  I only watched the first season (aired March 2019) since it’s still fairly new. The second season was expected sometime last month, but unfortunately due to current circumstances it has been postponed till further notice (which is the case for all entertainment).

Anyhow, though it may not be a documentary, I find the series just as inspiring. In short, this series is based on a reality competition among aspiring make up artists fighting to earn the “Next Make-Up Star” title. The show is filmed in London, where all the people seem so well-mannered and polite totally different from LA but that’s beside the point, haha. (focus Lorraine) Though I do not identify as being a make-up artist, I do identify as an artist, and witnessing the amount of passion, love, and sheer resilience these contestants had throughout the competition was so inspiring that a lit a fire in me that needed to be lit. Easily, there were contestants that I wanted to be befriend only because I felt the desperation that they had (and excuse my language) to win the damn thing; they poured their heart & soul into every brush stroke, creating a work of art that brought them immense joy. Every art piece, most importantly, told a story. They fought every fight they could, and when faced with rejection they left with humility & even a stronger passion to be pursue their dreams. And there is nothing, at least for me, more noble than that.


As an aspiring singer, myself, I can only imagine similar feelings & emotions I will experience if (and when) I do join a vocal competition. It’s as if their work of art was their oxygen and they could not go on & live if it did not appease their very souls. Oh yeah & I can totally relate to the perfectionist syndrome. Lol. Not to mention, the works some of these artists created was absolutely mind-blowing (as seen above). Just absolutely iconic. Ding Dong! (if you will). It only made me wish that I could create something so touching & beautiful.

All in all, I totally recommend the series to those reading who are aspiring MUA or simply aspiring artists. Art is art, and one artist’s experience does not differ from another– only because the passion is passion, and it’s either there or it’s not. And it was very much evident that the passion burned in the souls of these contestants..

Anyhow, don’t want to spoil the film for ya’ll, watch the series for your dose of inspiration (and also to get my references in this post hehe). That’s enough of me rambling! Go on now dahling, & get ya Netflix on!



Netflix Documentary: Quincy (2018)

Quincy Jones

So, I was ecstatic (faced with a tinge of self-disappointment for being late) when I was mindlessly scrolling through my Netflix dashboard and came across a documentary film about the great Quincy Jones. Not hesitating to click the film, I watched the whole thing entirely. in one sitting & no breaks. By the end of the film, I had absolutely no regrets.

For those who aren’t familiar with Mr. Jones.. first off, shame on you. I’m kidding, but how can you live your life blissfully without knowing this man? Not to sound dramatic or anything, but not entirely sure if you have experienced life. All jokes aside, Mr. Jones is a game changer. He is an American record producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, arranger, and film and television producer who began his career in the 1950’s. He started off as a conductor— working with jazz ensembles and orchestration by learning alongside some of the greats in the game. Decades into his career and he learned all the trades he can, he worked for Mercury Records as executive president in which he mastered his hand behind music production. With a knack for film scoring, Jones also then got into film which proved to be a pivotal moment in his career as he became the mentor who birthed the biggest name in the industry— the great Michael Jackson.


Some of his biggest works include: =The Color Purple (Oprah Winfrey), The WizThriller & “We Are The World” by Michael Jackson, to name a few. Almost 80 years later, and he remains a driving force in the world of entertainment.

I found this film enlightening because I found his personal struggles (both personally and professionally) very inspiring. Jones came from a broken home and was haunted by a broken relationship with his mother much throughout his life that influenced and bled into his professional career. However, he used this void and hurt to drive his creation and vision, ultimately bringing him to high levels of success and accomplishments. For me personally, I found resonance in his story that feels almost identical in my own personal journey as well. But I may save that story for another time.

In the beginning scene of the film, Jones sits with his daughter Rashida Jones in the back of the limousine. She asks him what he has learned about art & work. And Jones’ response not only put me in a place of peace, but also brought me great reassurance in my own journey. He responds, “be humble about your creativity and gracious about your success”.  Later in the video he emphasis the importance of nuturing one’s own skills & abilities in their own artistic craft. He shares that his father would tell him, “Once a task has begun, never leave it til its done. Be the labor great or small do it well, or not at all”.

To say the least, the film was very much informative and inspiring in the same token and would recommend up next for your watchlist if you may be a music fanatic as myself. As I always like to say, thank you to those for reading up til this point. much love. Feel free to check out the trailer which you can find below.

EP Dropping Soon August/September 2020

Hi guys,

been working on some super important stuff lately, as I have been doing a little bit of soul-searching and reflecting.. and channeling that into my creative work, and my very first EP dropping this year. If you have followed me for a while, you probably have an idea of how serious I get when it comes to my art work.. it’s kind of a big deal, to me at least. And I don’t mean to say that in snobby way, but because I’m pretty sensitive about my art. My art is a reflection of who I am, how I feel.. what lives in my mind every waking day. Either it’s complete trash, or I truly truly believe in it. there’s no in between and I know any one who hears it can tell. Anyhow, I’m afraid of the outcome/ reaction my EP will have, but all I know is this work is what I am meant to do. And as someone who takes art seriously, Ima do it the right way this time.

Thanks for sticking around.

Much Love,

x Lo

Miles Davis

The great Miles Davis. Davis was a pioneer of the cool jazz era; he was an American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and composer. His popular songs “So What” from his album Kind of Blue (1959) & “Miles Run the Voodoo Down” from Bitches Brew (1970) were only some of his great crowd pleasers. Feel free to take a listen below~

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the great Miles Davis:

“Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there.”

“I’ll play it first and tell you what it is afterwards.”

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.”

My Vocal Journey & Progression

So as I promised, I would like to document my vocal progress, more frequently that is, with you guys here. I have gotten questions via my singing instagram account (which you should check out at the.hnl) that I thought I should address them here as well. If you are an aspiring singer yourself or simply would like to better your voice, there are so many ways you can go about doing so properly and safely. In following these tips you can maintain your voice by keeping your voice healthy & in shape. I thought I’d share the quickest ways (since I am always on the go) that I’ve discovered through taking lessons and researching the pool of knowledge we call the Internet. Just a disclaimer, by all means, am I no professional or certified vocal coach. However, I have done my research by other certified vocal teachers who have taught me these tools! And these methods have proved tried & true in my own vocal journey. For those who are interested, keep on reading!

This is a no brainer, but I always ensure that my vocals are hydrated before practicing or even singing for leisure. Singing with dry vocals can further damage your voice and lead to vocal problems in the long run.

Pretty much any tea could do, but I personally prefer green tea. Green tea and honey are much more soothing for your voice. Warm liquids is always better than having cold liquids.

I had no idea but humming is actually a way to massage your vocal chords without applying too much pressure. You can do this in public or even if you’re not the only person around without creating too much sound.

Warm Up’s/ Exercises
Tongue rolls
Siren sounds
Vocal fry
Inhaling through nose, exhaling through mouth in short breathes
-(as tongue is stretched out)

For Warm Up’s/Exercises, you can gain access to videos on Youtube which demonstrate in more details how to execute them.
Be careful, safe, and don’t do you anything you’re unsure as you are prone to vocal injury!

Much love in music,

x Lo


My Vocal Journey

*Disclaimer: article way long over due, written weeks ago, but will post as promise to continue my update on my vocal journey with you.

Just took my third vocal lesson, feeling much more energized and confident in my vocal development. Learned several terms such as passaggio, lyrical soprano, the mask, etc. and only wished I had learned and accessed this plethora of knowledge much sooner. My vocal teacher is not only knowledgeable in his expertise but also just as encouraging throughout my vocal development, which for a sensitive soul like me, is just as crucial. Needless to say, while dreaming is important, so is constant application and practice. My past performances and moments such as these only fuel me to take a leap(s) of faith, believe in myself, and follow my calling of music and the arts..
Much, much more in store for you guys and I can’t wait to show you what my sleepless nights, daily struggles coupled with ambition and hunger has lead me to. If the moment isn’t now, it’s never..

Thanks for sticking with me,

x Lo

Quarantine & Self-Update

hello, hello..

wow, first off I would like to start off by hoping that everyone is healthy & well, quarantined within a safe space (& creative space if need be) stocked with good food, music, and company in spite of “social distancing” and other social chaos that is happening in the midst of this pandemonium. My initial reaction to this national crisis was to spend this time with my family, even if it meant traveling all the ways down here at the east in Georgia. I know the risk I took traveling across the world from LA to Atlanta, but I also know it is a trip very much needed.. I am grateful to spend this time surrounded with those I love. During this time, I am reflecting and tending to my relationships knowing how precious and short life truly is. And as you may not be surprised, of course, how important music plays in my life. I have been working on the growth of my social media presence on the big platforms i.e. Instagram, Tik Tok, My site, and just recently, facebook as I value the engagement I have with my viewers/ followers (you can peep on my music blog site and my artist blog site). I am also currently working on finishing the tracks for my upcoming EP, which I will be releasing some time this year when this whole epidemic subsides, and I have all the visuals, and hopefully *fingers crossing* videos planned, executed, and mastered. I am taking my time, being diligent as I would like to perfect this EP. In spite that it is only an EP, it is super important, that it is up to par to how it envision it will sound and look like since it will introduce and represent a massive part of who I am both as a person and artist. I am super super excited for what is to come in spite of both the personal and professional hurdles I am bound to face.. I know, as I always say, this is just the beginning, because God knows, I am only starting.

Quarantine Playlist pt. 1

If you know me, you’d know that I love all of Mariah Carey’s work. It’s unique. raw. original. and genius. But this specific performance.. this performance for me was the epitome of all the moments for the post 90’s Mariah Carey era. This performance captures the very spiritual and extraterrestrial gift Mariah Carey possesses. One that you can’t really describe, but only feel. Even after all these years of intense tear and usage on her vocal chords, she still has it! It was almost like she was singing to the God and angels above that they heard her and gave her the power to deliver. I can only imagine the magic every one who was present experienced. I can go on and on because I will forever be a lamb! I know it’s been years but I don’t think I can ever forget the initial feeling I got when I first heard Mariah Carey, and this video only reminded me of it and affirms my believe she might arguably be the greatest vocalist the world has ever heard.. (alongside Houston of course). What’s your favorite song by the Supreme Songbird?

Oof! The sultry and sexiness that Toni Braxton owns! Another Sad Love Song (1993) has got to be one of my newest favorite songs from her and my new favorite performance from her. With a deep rich voice like that, she was definitely in the ball park with other great singers. And you really can’t grow wrong with a classic oldie of Toni Braxton’s. Also, can we give credit to her talented sisters, who are killing it with the choreography and background vocals? seriously! Also, lately I have been been binging watching their reality show on Netflix the last couples weeks, it’s addicting haha. if you haven’t seen it, I’d definitely recommend ya’ll gotta give The Braxton Family Values a shot. All different personalities, characters, and talents. Must watch for sure and of course all of Toni Braxton’s tunes. go go go!

Would love to know what songs you guys have been listening to during this quarantine? Comment below!



When You Believe ft. Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston (1998)


This song has been on repeat on Spotify! Don’t think there could be a better duo than these two powerhouses. The magic they create during When You Believe is beyond me.. Couldn’t have been more perfect. Because of Carey and Whitney, they inspired a whole generation of vocalists and other genuises/ like-minded individuals while setting the bar high in the music world. The gift they possess in their voice box and in their musicality is Godsent. Insane to think that this was recorded over more than a decade ago, and yet its impact remains for generations ahead. So grateful to have these to two look up to yet. Forever appreciating and learning. I hope this song helps to restore any doubt and alleviate any fears you may have during this rough and strenuous time. ♥️



Update: My Music Site

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 11.44.22 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-12 at 11.44.29 PM.png
Hey ya’ll,

just droppin’ in to tell ya’ll to peep my new site. Been working really hard on it. Will be making some revisions on it lately as I book more gigs, make new music, covers, and participate in music events here in LA. Can’t wait to fill it with more videos and photos as I grow and pursuit my love for music & singing & the arts.. Got plans get more involved with the great music scene here in Los Angeles as I continue to grow as an artist. As you can see, I’m a super simple kind of gal, so what you see is what you get. Check out my artist site here at! You will find more live performances in the near future, and more content as I find the right time and people to work with. Thank you so much for sticking with me. Can’t wait to see what is in store next for me, and for ya’ll to join me in this super exciting journey.

Much Love,

x Lo