Taking it back as I always do for ya’ll. Here’s to some of the most amazing female artists out there since day one. Original Gangstas. Superwomen.

Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, Patti LaBelle / (1991 MCA Records Inc.)

Karyn White (1988)

Participating in Hosting First Birthday Party

Had the amazing opportunity to help assist in hosting a birthday party at my work in Culver City. I had a great time with the kids and witnessing how much music brings them joy. My supervisor, the main act of the show, did a stellar job throughout the music session. Not only is her voice amazing but she captured the audiences’ attention the entire time. Her stage presence and confidence is so admirable; it has only inspired me to become a better performer myself. Everyone felt and enjoyed her talent and energy in the room, it only affirmed my love for music and performance. Anyhow, the birthday party was such a success and I am so proud to be a part of it although it may be for a moment. Today only reminded me of the power of music and how powerful it is to bring a room full of strangers together. Here is many more great memories, and an exciting journey as aspiring artist/ vocalist myself.

New Piece ❦

Original Lyrics
Instrumental from Alicia Keys “Unthinkable”

♫ Pen on my paper, always on my grind
Imma switch it up cause I need a peace of mind 
I write this rap shit, dumb shit, cause I say what’s in my heart
to me, it’s more than numbers, it’s all a work of art

When I wake up in the morning, the anxiety over take me
I shut my demons up, ain’t no one going to break me
They look at me and doubt me, but don’t know a thing about me
They wanna talk like they know me
homie better get up off me

I keep my head low and work hard in silence
I ain’t with that loud shit, that shit just violent
pops always told me to not speak to loud
never was one to follow the crowd

If there’s one thing I’ll tell ya
don’t doubt the misunderstood
because they’ll do it better
thank you think you ever could ♫

New Cover on IG singing Account

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 1.55.09 AM.png

I know it’s been a minute, but thought I would drop a little something for you guys. Went out of town for a little break to visit my family in Georgia. Had a great time seeing the family again and can’t wait to share more of my trip with you guys on here. In the meanwhile, I have been dying to create new music and have been coming up with new stuff to share with ya’ll. Here’s a little piece I did on Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey, in honor of the country side! (maybe soon to be home..??). Anyhow, hope ya’ll enjoy this super rough cover. Don’t want to disappoint and will be coming out with more original stuff in the future. Please like, comment, and follow this post and show some love on my IG Singing Account @the.highsnlows too, for more!

Peace & Love,

x Lo

♪ New Site is Up ♪

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 1.01.12 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-17 at 1.01.21 AM.png

So excited to announce my new site as an upcoming music artist/ vocalist. I am currently working on new projects, writing new material, developing my craft/ sound/ presentation while planning collaborations with some amazing artists in the near future. I have been graced with amazing guidance so far that I am only excited for the future. This is a perfect time for me to experiment with my sound and create the projects I have always been anticipating and dying to create. You will most definitely find new updates on my site very soon, as well as more content on my music instagram as well.

Feel free to check it out my site here and my singing instagram.

Cannot thank you enough for the all the amazing feedback I have received thus far, and am grateful for all the opportunities I have had recently. Promise to not disappoint.

Vocal Journey: My First Vocal Lesson

Well, I just took my first private vocal lesson ever. And quite frankly, I feel a bit unsure about it. The first time I called the studio was two years ago back in 2017 when I decided I wanted to take music seriously. All these years, I never attended the class due to a funny inkling about the real takeaway of voice lessons (especially pricey vocal lessons). Fast forward 2 years, I decide to sign up for my first vocal lesson at the same studio. (I was 19 then turning 20, 22 today turning 23 next month..) I had heard so much amazing things about this vocal coach and based on everything I’ve read about her, I thought she would be a great fit. She is based in Los Angeles and has worked with numerous celebrities too. Though I would love to say that the lesson was worth it, I am not entirely sure what my sentiments are.. While I believe there are benefits in attending vocal lessons, I also firmly believed that improvement and growth is ultimately up to the person. I am not in any way discrediting the merit of vocal teacher, but simply pointing out the fact that vocal lessons aren’t the only sure way to success for singers (whichever you may define success to be). I do believe vocal lessons are helpful, but with the access to the Internet, it’s just as doable. I think it takes a determination and willpower that a teacher helps provide, but all-in-all I believe that it also lies within the student. Sometimes the chemistry between the teacher and student isn’t the best, and will ultimately reflect in the progress of the student. Not to mention how vocal teachers could go off tangents that do not provide any direct value that I believe is worth your money (coming from my experience at least). In fact, I recall feeling that some of the things she mentioned I have already read off the internet. Vocal coaching can get very expensive and with the Internet as a resource, a student who is determined enough could pull the various tools that work for them– at absolutely no monetary cost. Overall, I don’t think my experience was horrible that I wouldn’t attend again. Just that it reaffirmed my opinion/ belief in taking voice lessons all these years. I believe all it takes is a little talent (a good ear), consistency, daily practice, and courage which I think lies in anybody believes singing is their calling. Hope to record my progress and share with ya’ll one day. Let me know ya’ll thoughts before or would love to hear about your experience if you have taken any vocal lessons before.

* everything stated above is based on personal opinion *

Thanks for reading ya’ll,

Lorraine x